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Interviews with guests who have direct experience working with, for or on, psychopaths in the workplace.

Ep#02 – A CFO Talks Psychopath CEOs

Ep#02 – A CFO Talks Psychopath CEOs

Jack McCullough is the author of “Secrets Of Rock Star CFOs” and President of the CFO Leadership Council. We chatted recently about his experience, and the experience of other CFOs, of working for psychopath CEOs. He came to my attention through this article he wrote for Forbes about psychopaths. You can connect with Jack on Twitter.

Ep#02 – A CFO Talks Psychopath CEOs

Ep#01 – Corporate Psychopathy

My inaugural guest is Dr Nathan Brooks PhD from CQUniversity. He’s a forensic psychologist with a background in researching psychopaths. He (and a couple of colleagues) have a new book that came out just after mine, called “Corporate Psychopathy: Investigating Destructive Personalities in the Workplace“. It’s an academic book looking at many of the same issues as mine. It was great to speak to him last week and find that we agreed on everything, from the size and importance of the problem, to the causes and the cures.

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