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The Book Your Boss Doesn’t Want You To Read

“A timely analysis of why so many of our institutions have failed us…”

– Goodreads

According to psychiatrists, 1-2% of the adult population are high on the psychopath scale. Thanks to Hollywood, when most people think ‘psychopaths’ they still think ‘serial killers’. In fact, the garden-variety psychopath is more likely to be the Hollywood producer.

Every day in the news we read stories of people in positions of power – leaders of industry, politicians, religious leaders, law enforcement, military, media, the justice system – doing horrible things, such as cheating, stealing, lying, raping, torturing, killing, bombing and invading countries, dropping drones on civilians – and then justifying it.

The questions this book asks is: is our world run by psychopaths?

The Author

Cameron Reilly

After a career at Microsoft, Cameron launched the world’s first Podcast Network, and invented the long-form history format, producing 100-hour audio documentary series on Napoleon, Caesar, Alexander, the Cold War and The Renaissance. 

He’s also the writer-director-producer of the documentary Marketing The Messiah.

Cameron lives in Brisbane, Australia, with his wife Chrissy and three sons, Fox, Taylor and Hunter.



This was a fairly eye opening book. To realize how successful psychopaths are and how society rewards and practically encourages their immoral and unethical behavior is frightening.



The Story Continues

A Slap On The Wrist

A Slap On The Wrist

Psychopaths are happy to break the law if it increases their wealth and power - especially when they know they will probably get away with it, or pay a paltry fine and be on their way. In other news, "JPMorgan to pay $920 million for manipulating precious metals,...

Are Americans Psychopaths?

Are Americans Psychopaths?

"What Else Explains America’s Bizarre, Shocking Indifference to Everything That Matters?" From this great article by Umair Haque. While I don't think the United States has a monopoly on psychopaths, I do make the case in the book that capitalism has made it easier for...

Psychopaths in the Military

Psychopaths in the Military

It's hard to read the details of the Brereton report and not reach the conclusion that there are psychopaths in the Australian military. As one soldier put it: “Psychos. Absolute psychos. And we bred them.” Key findings: None of the killings took place in the heat of...

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